The art of creating a beautiful smile begins with the dental technician and relies on their ability to turn raw materials into a living part of the human body. Our decades of experience with flexible partial dentures and injection molding in the dental laboratory enables us to help new labs and technicians learn this technology quickly and effectively. Technical programs held at the Valplast International Training and Education Center in New York and in select education centers around the world are made available to laboratories that purchase the Valplast system in order to give their removables department an edge over labs that process generic, lesser known brands of flexible partial dentures.

The Valplast Injection System is offered as a complete turnkey package to give laboratories the equipment, materials, accessories and education they need to become a Valplast processing laboratory. Kit components include injection press, digital melting furnace, flasks, Valplast resin cartridges, processing accessories, wax patterns, finishing burs, polishing kit and repair tools.